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The Beatles


We help create fab stories and products with The Beatles. Command attention with the greatest band of all time!


The Beatles are the cover stars of music history: followed and admired by fans of all ages.

As the Fab Four’s Iberian licensing agents, we help brands, makers and stores tap one of culture’s most recognised, celebrated archives. Their incredible career produced so many timeless songs, memories and moments.

Lifestyle, gift and fashion products made with The Beatles are magnets for music lovers, culture vultures and anyone with an eye for the iconic.

The Beatles are essential cultural content that people love to show, share and talk about.

Decades after shaking the world, The Beatles remain a major force in modern culture.

Come Together

In today’s fragmented landscape, John, Paul, George and Ringo are culture’s common denominators. Together, they influenced everything and created the soundtrack to our lives.

Their most iconic moments are baked into culture and discoverable to all generations: The Cavern, Ed Sullivan, Shea Stadium, All You Need is Love, Abbey Road, Get Back…

Creative assets available under licence include images, song titles, sleeve art and the trippy, psychedelic world of Yellow SubmarineContact us to learn more!

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