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Brand Innovation


We help brands use innovation to capture attention and create deeper connections.

Innovate Smart

Today’s attention economy offers huge opportunities to stand out…and huge risks of going ignored. Innovation is essential, but few manage to keep it going at the right pace, intensity or relatability.

Smart brand innovation is about maintaining momentum. It’s about showing vitality and highlighting values that matter. It’s not a question of size: frequency, relevance and variety are key.

We help brands find their innovation sweet spot with strategies, plans and campaigns designed to lift them above the noise.

Power innovators constantly embrace ideas that lean into consumers’  interests, values and lifestyles.

Good brand innovation requires strategy and a repertoire including iteration,  collaboration and extension.

Innovation Services

Brand innovation works best served in tasty, bite-sized snacks. It’s about remixing, not reinvention. We help our clients make innovation simple, coherent and cost-efficient: maximising the synergy between product development, sales and marketing.

Insights and leads from our vast innovation database help us identify powerful creative and commercial opportunities, then make them happen.

Discover your untapped potential to be seen, heard and understood. Contact us to find out how to make innovation a driving force of your brand.

Brand innovation: Strategy


Optimising innovation’s
contribution by balancing
assets, objectives and

Brand innovation: Connections


Managing connections
with ideas, brands and
properties that amplify
reach and resonance.

Brand innovation: Planning


We help brands spread
their innovation effort to
maximise impact and

Brand innovation: Activation


Creating and activating
campaigns that resonate
with consumers, trade
and media.