Brand Innovation


Brand Innovation

Achieve more brand presence and power.
Kick the innovation switch…

Brand innovation gives brands energy and direction, using platforms like collaboration, licensing and brand extension to drive attention, interest and buy-in.

We’re passionate about brand innovation: energising brands with product ideas that markets find remarkable.

We find smarter ways for brands to show what makes them special.

More and more, consumers are seeking out experiences designed to be special.

Remarkable Products

In a connected world, remarkable ideas have more reach and influence than ever. It’s no surprise that remarkable products are catching attention wherever you look.

More consumers than ever are singling out products that were made to be noticed, with their relatable creation stories, content  and codes.

Products with remarkable ingredients grow awareness, affinity and sales. They help brands to resonate by leaning into consumers’ interests and lifestyles.

remarkable (adj.)
Unusual or special…surprising and worth mentioning

Remarkable products embrace ideas that people already buy into.

We help brands create remarkable products that grow attention and affinity.

Our Services

Using insights and leads from our vast innovation database, we identify powerful creative and commercial opportunities, and help brands bring them to fruition.

We provide our clients with cost-effective brand innovation plans and solutions that drive remarkable products, new sales and stronger audience connections.

Consulting, Collaboration, Licensing, Extension
Planning innovation to optimise brand messaging or to accelerate specific objectives
Discover insights and actions that enhance brand experience by bringing values and strengths into focus.
Innovation actions that turn key brand values into remarkable attributes
Make innovation a driving force of your brand. Iterate often, using ideas that add reach, relevance and meaning.
Connections to other brands, creators and properties provide elevation and leverage
Link to brands, ideas and cultural property that reinforce your brand’s essence and boost its reach.
Brand innovation achieves organic visibility and reach
Use remarkable products as brand vignettes: stories that are easy to notice, share and remember.
Helping brands to
grow and flourish

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