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About Us

Crescendo Brands develop cost-efficient solutions that lead to more remarkable products and stronger brands. We find resourceful ways that help brands to achieve higher levels of reach, resonance and recall.

Backed by more than 15 years of collaboration with fashion, luxury, automotive and sports brands, we bring a strong mix of creativity, international perspective and commercial know-how. We help our clients achieve better positioning while growing sales and unlocking new business streams.


We develop creative and commercial solutions including brand extension, co-branding, collaborations and creative licensing. All our projects are based on a firm belief that authentic, trusted content is a powerful resource for generating commercial and strategic value.



Brand Solutions

Crescendo Brands orchestrates solutions that drive new business for our clients and make their brands stronger. We use concepts and content to build commercial platforms that can make an extraordinary contribution to brand reach and notoriety.


Commercial initiatives like collaborations, co-branding and creative licensing are cost-effective marketing platforms that rely on recognised and valued content. It’s all about creating new and revealing ways to experience brands: brand events that generate greater reach, richer tone and deeper resonance.


We bring fresh perspectives, connections and know-how to aspects of marketing, sales and promotion. Let us help you find the switches can turn your business up a notch.



Brand collaborations and co-branding use powerful associations and new contexts to make products more noticeable, functional and salient.


By creating new functionality or simply placing familiar brands in unexpected situations, collaborative products attract attention and invite consumers to recalibrate their beliefs and expectations.


By instigating collaborations, brands demonstrate vigour and a commitment to innovation, while making a statement about their standing, attitude and aesthetic.


We create and implement collaboration concepts that enable our clients to sell more and exert more influence over minds, media and markets.



Brand extensions are spin-offs of positive brand experiences that broaden a brand’s repertoire and sharpen its promise.


They provide new touchstones to brands that express and support the central brand promise, while generating additional sales and distribution.


We help our clients identify and implement extension platforms that demonstrate and articulate brand qualities in engaging and profitable ways. Designer and artist collaborations add reputation and relevance. Key licensing partnerships add to brand momentum while spreading the risks and costs of diversification.


We understand how to harness brand reputation and use it to develop spin-off activities that raise brand awareness, affinity and income.



In an increasingly dynamic market and media landscape, the potential of licensing to help products become experiences that enchant, surprise and delight has never been greater.


We advise brand-owners about licensing strategy and implementation and help them to connect with manufacturers, retailers and brands. We make properties more marketable with ideation, strategic planning and cornerstone licensing materials such as brand books, style guides and presentation decks.


Our passion for great sales and marketing makes Crescendo Brands an ideal partner for licensing solutions that provide the spark for greater things.



We help our clients turn special initiatives into memorable brand events with bespoke campaigns and collateral that articulate, support and spread great ideas.


Using promotional, publishing and product solutions we create activities that add value, notoriety and virality to special activities such as launches, milestones, partnerships and sponsorships.


Special editions, collector packs, commemorative publications and VIP materials are all important ways of creating more prestige and desirability around keynote events.



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