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Brand Innovation

Imagine your brand could become more present and powerful, simply by kicking a switch…

Brand innovation creates impetus and direction: creating stories, experiences and touchstones that lead consumers to see brands in a new light.

We’re passionate about brand innovation: collaborations, extensions, licensing.

We build dynamic brands by orchestrating innovations that intertwine brands with products and stories that consumers and media find remarkable.

We help brands use innovation to expand their creative options and double down on what makes them special.

More and more, consumers are seeking, sharing and shopping for experiences deliberately designed to exist above the norm.

Remarkable Products

In today’s connected world, remarkable ideas have more reach and power than ever before. And in practically all corners of the market, remarkable products are thriving too.

Driven by individualism, more consumers than ever are looking for the out-of-the-ordinary: products with distinctive designs, features, stories and emotions.

Products that boast remarkable content grow awareness, affinity and sales. They make it possible for brands to resonate with consumers by leaning into their interests and lifestyles.

remarkable (adjective)
Unusual or special and therefore surprising and worth mentioning

Remarkable products are items consumers want to buy, crafted from ideas they already buy into.

Popularity comes naturally to brands that radiate personality and repertoire.

They come across as confident, outgoing…more inclusive.

Dynamic Brands

Dynamic brands are tireless innovators: constantly creating and shape-shifting…always adding specials to the menu.

All brands are constrained by limited budgets and believability, but dynamic brands are experts at getting more miles to the innovation gallon.

How do they do it? By understanding proximity is the key to winning affections.

By exploiting proximity, dynamic brands innovate with minimum friction and maximum impact.


Dynamic brands use frequent micro-innovations to double down on their promise, and motivate more consumers to feel included within it.

By creating common ground with other brands, ideas and cultural property, dynamic brands achieve greater visibility and resonance – the key ingredients of remarkable products.

Around the world, more and more brands are systematically using proximity to make products remarkable and enhance brand experience.

Global and local, from start-ups to established players, the power-users of proximity belong to what we call the Collaboration Generation.

Follow the Collaboration Generation

Dynamic brands don’t hammer away at our intent to purchase; they massage our urge to own.

We help brands become more dynamic with brand innovation initiatives that add personality, repertoire and relevance.

Our Services

Global contacts and insights enable us to connect brands with powerful creative and commercial opportunities, and help you bring them to fruition.

We provide our clients with cost-effective brand innovation solutions that lead to remarkable products, new sales and stronger audience connections.

Crescendo Brands innovation services
Discover insights and initiatives that enhance the experience of your brand and bring its unique strengths into sharper focus.
Make innovation a driving force of your brand. Iterate products frequently, using ideas and tools that add reach, tone and definition.
Link to brands, ideas and cultural property that reinforce your brand’s positioning and boost its visibility and social reach.
Use remarkable products as brand highlights: stories that are easy for markets, media and social channels to consume and share.

Remarkable products articulate your brand’s specialness by standing on the shoulders of what consumers already believe in.

Capture Remarkable

When consumers innately sense products are remarkable, the barriers to engagement and buy-in fall.

We develop brand innovation plans to capture remarkable and enhance brand experience. We design and implement activities that shine a light on your brand’s strengths and culture – bringing remarkable products within closer reach.

Understanding your brand’s innovation potential dramatically expands the quantity and quality of options at your disposal. More importantly, it helps you tap into the critical success factors that drive dynamic brands.

Relevant, discernible innovation makes products salient and remarkable, enhancing brand experience
Helping brands to
grow and flourish

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